Farm Tours

We offer charismatic guided tours that bring people in close contact with animals in a safe and secure environment, where care is taken to give visitors a great time closely interacting, feeding and petting our large selection of tame farm animals

Craft Courses

We provide various farm skills and craft courses that offer instant results.  During the course participants will enjoy personalised creative learning in a beautiful setting and make a finished product that they take home.

Blueberry Hill Farm

Much more than just the best Pet-Farm in Kerry

Hen Parties
& Corporate Events

Why not spend an afternoon at Blueberry Hill Farm for a bit of a laugh dare and pleasure in a relaxed down to earth sort of a way?


Check out what we have to offer to make your event a success!

Weather independent


Candles as Fund-raiser

Make candles with your club or school and sell them with profit for charity. Lots of crafty fun while producing hundreds of multi-shaped candles. Easy for all ages above 10 years.

Great fund-raiser for many occasions!


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