“Candle-making as Fundraiser”

is a way of creating funding for any purpose by making and selling candles in a predetermined, organised and safe way that enables any group of 10 -20 people to create funding while having lots of fun.


Blueberry Hill Farm's mobile candle-making unit enables any group of up to 20 people to produce €1000 worth of candles in one day. The group can in turn Sell the product on markets and to friends and family.  Proceeds will finance the production costs & fees. The remaining Value can be then donated or used by the group as they see fit.


Guaranteed success:

Self-financing for the participating group or organisation

Creating useful funding while having fun

Available for most Ages

Safe but exciting Wax working suitable for any location

Suitable festival activity

Mobile with little limitation in reach

“It’s a no-brainer for any potential clientèle!”



Candle  Making as Fundraiser enables You to produce candle merchandise, and to market and sell the products in a profitable way.


The Candles you will produce:

hand shaped braided candles

hand shaped flower candles

rolled honeycomb candles

pastry cutter floating candles

molded candles

thematic candles

individual ornamental artistic candles


Services include:

Hands on teaching and coaching during the candle making

supply of ready to use dyed wax sheets

aids for pricing and labeling

packaging materials


Candle-making as Fundraiser

Create Funds for Your Club or for Charity while having fun making and selling lots of  hand shaped candles