The animal tour is similar to the first half of the full Farm Tour. At the en of the 1 1/2 hour tour, If places are available, it can be extended to a full farm tour.








Feeding and Caring for Animals:

Cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, ducklings, geese, rabbits and more, all want to meet you. What would be nicer than bottle-feeding a lamb, holding a baby chick or giving the calf a cuddle? Here you get to do it all!


With gentle care and guidance we help even the smallest children to have a great animal experience.


Watch the Barn Owl:

See the tame owl fly silently up close. Sometimes she can even land on the children’s arm.


Collecting Eggs:

Are you good at finding things?

We will go egg hunting even when it isn’t Easter!


Candle-Making: .

Make lovely candles with animal shapes. Playing with soft wax is great fun for all ages and even our smallest visitors are able to cut out floating candles with pastry cutters.



Animal Tour

1 1/2 hour tour for families with very small children or visitors with limited time




€10 per participant


Daily starting times:

10 am and 3pm


Booking essential:

087 3647371

Nobody is scared of rabbits

"I can nearly hold it on my own"

less than a year and so brave

What we will do:

Please book early as places are limited

Guided Tours starting
at 10 am and 3pm

Small groups
 with limited numbers per tour

For Booking Call:
087 3647371.